VS Bank: The imposed sanctions will not prevent VS Bank from meeting its obligations to its customers.

March 21, 2017

VS Bank is a profitable bank with a solid capital and liquidity situation, meeting all regulatory requirements set by the Ukrainian authorities. 

The Bank’s capital position is more than 3x higher than the threshold set by the NBU (10% NBU requirement vs. 32.00% VS Bank, as of 01.03.2017); the liquidity level of the Bank is more than double as high as the NBU requirement (60% NBU vs. 144.51% VS Bank, as of 01.03.2017).

Even after imposing sanctions against  Ukrainian banks with Russian state capital, the largest national rating agency “Credit-Rating” (Kyiv) has updated and confirmed the credit and deposit ratings of "VS Bank": Long-term credit rating per national grade -  uaА +;  Bank deposit security rating  - “5” (highest security).

The implemented sanctions will not affect payments to customers or meeting the obligations to depositors of the Bank.

VS Bank has always been acting in line with all laws and regulations. We would strongly welcome the support of the Ukrainian authorities to protect the safety and security of our bank’s employees, facilities, and most importantly, its customers - as required by Ukrainian and international law. In the meantime, VS Bank aims to continue with its regular business activities, serving all its clients’ needs.